Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Q & A

Q & A

It's been a while, he says -
his eyes looking
out onto slow-moving clouds

- a little while since
anything moved my life.

He's undemonstrative.
The clouds continue
to blot the sky.

Sure, I myself move:
that's something doesn't stop.
But everything else out there?

It puzzles me
it can't wake up.

A man needs his life to move -
not just himself, he says.
The clouds skitter more quickly, overhead. 

Faisal Grant, 28/10/2014.

Friday, 24 October 2014



You'd have eclipsed my life
with your shadowing.
But I haven't slipped,
as I was prone once,
into strife, self-inflicted.

Not slipped, at least, into fog,
fog inescapable.
I'm at peace, lucid;
I've got bits connected.
Is it slog, this labouring,

that launches me into light?

Faisal Grant,